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Brownian Motion curates artists in the Eugene area for an upcoming sound collage in a series of regional composites by The Chestnut Tree via KPFT [90.1FM HOU], using original samples and tracks submitted by electronic, noise, electro-acoustic, ambient, drone, and field recording sound artists in the EUG area.

The resulting collage will be aired on The Chestnut Tree via Texas Pacifica station, KPFT and released via Active Measures under [CC BY-SA 3.0] as a free download.

Live streaming of a previous regional composite/collage TCT|HOU


Current Fund Drive for KPFT

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It’s fund drive at KPFT until 02/01 and TCT is on 2 nights a week! Any amount donated helps the station + shows that people are listening to and value TCT. KPFT is non-profit community radio and promotes free speech without corporate underwriting.

Click on the donation box photo if you’re interested in supporting KPFT and The Chestnut Tree program. You can also call 713.526.KPFT during any program. Yet, please mention “The Chestnut Tree” as the program for your donation, if that is your intention.


The Chestnut Tree sticker pack [$15 minimum]
2.75 x 2.75 inches, black ink on white vinyl [part 1 in a series], 2 different KPFT 90.1FM vinyl stickers, KPFT magnet and weird collage of oddities/extras.

Vintage Palm Reading Machine Computer Punch Card + items above [$45 minimum]
Info includes: Your best quality, career path, ideal mate’s sign, biggest fear, strongest traits and overall destiny. [Donations of $35 and over also includes one year of KPFT membership]

Untitled harsh noise graphic novel by CEMENTIMENTAL [UK] + items above [$120 minimum]
“A Surrealist book-object; harsh noise album in paperback form. 300 pages of pixel-noisescapes, created solely using the antique mac paint app LightningPaint.” 6×9 inch Paperback with full colour cover, black + white interior.

+ There are other general KPFT thank you gifts available. Please ask if interested.

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Paul Connolly [live] on TCT

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*Rebroadcasts* this Monday night/Tuesday morning on 90.1FM in Houston + live on-line streaming via KPFT‘s HD-1: HERE

The [01.24.2014] TCT program [2-5AM CST] features a live performance and interview with Paul Connolly AKA brightbluebeetle [ambient/electronic] + Caustic Screaming Butterfly [noise/textual/electronic] and curator of the Brave New Waves sound series.

Tune in for live streaming via KPFT‘s HD-1: HERE

A high quality archive of the performance/s soon uploaded: HERE

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Proud to have live performance by Mike Abramowitz via The Chestnut Tree released by Active Measures and SP. The performance includes spoken word, self-surveillance and field recordings, electronics, and mixing + additional material by Ayn Morgan [layered field recordings and Stasi observation technique films] and Flat Affect [Fugue via Proc-Records, with and without effects].

Released as free creative commons downloads here: A/M:004 and SPnet147

Write up by Walter Lapchynski for SP: “This release is the latest from Active Measures, an exciting new netlabel run by Chestnut Tree, and features live shows from KPFT in Houston, Texas. It’s loving co-released through SPNet. We find a rich tapestry spun from fine threads of field recordings, electronics, and of course, stories. This is no pretty picture, per se, though, being held together with zip ties and duct tape. I wouldn’t go so far as to give this release a genre. It’s all over the board. Electronic numbers like “The Sandwich [part 1]” have an almost IDM sort of feel. Other pieces like “Kids” are totally abstract, late night, sleep deprivated stream of consciousness monologues over haunting field recordings and the occasional snippet of recorded dialogue, all deftly mixed in such a way that it somehow works. Other tracks like “Where To Go” eschew putting the words at the forefront and instead blend bursts of static and electric buzzing with far off guitar plucking. “The Recordings” has this simple sampled drum beat that blends with his a raspy whisper from Abramowitz that makes me think of some smoky neo-beatnik club. “Need Help?” can’t decide if it’s some lofi experimentalism or a hip hop track. Then there’s the giddy, hallucinatory tape manipulation of “One By One” which will appeal to fans of Negativland, despite the lack of political content. Most times, though, we find an eerie form of ambient collage. It’s a menagerie of different moods and emotions but overall we find here a blurred reality. The sounds themselves are mixed a bit in the back, lulling one into hypnogagia, letting the words take the forefront. They oscillate from subject to subject and you find yourself intoxicating by Mike’s smooth voice until you’re jarred awake by some line like “I can’t put a cloud in my stomache!” I’ve heard my fair share of spoken word releases before, but never have any been so utterly captivating. You’ll never want a sandwich more than after this release, or at least you’ll be hungry after the long, strange trip. Highly recommended.”

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Shaun Sandor [live] on TCT

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Shaun Sandor started with guitar in the early ‘90s and involved with the Cleveland underground noise scene by 2005. After attending art school in Chicago, he started creating music for films, electro-acoustic works and crating handmade instruments and electronics. His work includes experimental, electronic, sound art, unconventional improvisations and includes multiple collaborations and projects. His work is often featured on the program and we are happy to have him [live] in the KPFT studio [12.06.2013].

High quality archive of the performance: HERE

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TCT|HOU = Experimental artist composite

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The first in a series of regional composites by The Chestnut Tree via KPFT, using original samples and tracks submitted by electronic, noise, electroacoustic, ambient, drone, and field recording sound artists.

The series released under [CC BY-SA 2.0] + physical, handmade copies only available for contributing artists and thank you gifts to listener-sponsors of TCT/KPFT.

Free download available: HERE

Contributing HOU artists [in order of first appearance] — Shaun Sandor, Jonathan Jindra, Carlos Pozo, Alex Tu, Ernesto Aguilar, Astrogenic Hallucinauting, Dan Miñoza, The Packrat Show, Future Blondes, Richard Ramirez, The Rotation Of An Object In Relationship To Itself, Infant Mortality Rate, Illicit Relationship, Tanner Garza , and Ayn Morgan.

The Chestnut Tree now has an additional branch of the program via KPFT, Tuesdays [2-5AM CST] and still airs Fridays [2-5AM CST]. If you are an experimental artist, it’s a good time to send in or email your downloadable links of new work.

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TCT and the KPFT transmitter

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The [12.14.2012 / 2-5AM] TCT program is dedicated to the KPFT transmitter that has long served the local community, overcoming lightning strikes, hurricanes and sabotage. The transmitter recently received some necessary repairs and updates.

Special thanks to all volunteers, workers, engineers and listener-sponsors who help the transmitter.

This week’s program features releases from Zeromoon, Erratum, Impulsive Habitat, SPnet, Ilse, Muchausen Sound, Treetrunk, Webbed Hand Records, Otorragie and more.

More KPFT transmitter history: HERE
Current fund raising efforts that benefit the transmitter and repairs: HERE
The KPFT transmitter’s twitter feed: HERE

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Hegel Envy

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The [09.13.2012] TCT program
via KPFT featured a vitriolic
essay narration on the life
and philosophy of Hegel
and includes work from
Flat Affect, Shane Morris, Another Neglected Hobby
and more.

Write here for your college credit.

The program originally aired
Sunday [21-00 PST] on
the ∃ radio branch of The Chestnut Tree.

An archive of “Hegel Envy”
program from it’s original
broadcast: HERE

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DJ x∃n and John Cage

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One hour of tonight’s TCT program via KPFT, features dj x∃n as he presents a love letter to John Cage in celebration of his 100th birthday. His set ties directly into Cage’s work in the spirit of his free view of composition. dj x∃n gives you not 4’33″ but 67’49″ of Creative Commons licensed music — a garden of sound he jokingly calls “rusty cage.”

The program also includes work from Crepusculo, bemônio, HXDK, Ech(o) + Flat Affect, The Sugar Beats, Backyard Ghost, Stirner + Sue69, Black Circle Records, Ambienteer and more.

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